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Proactive Contracting Processes in Public Procurement – Promoters for Partnership and Co-innovation (Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, 2010-2013)

PRO2ACT project studies and develops municipal procurement contracting processes which provide means for co-development of new operations models both pre- and post-contract award procurement and during the contract period. The project promotes the development of contracting capabilities related to public procurement in municipalities and companies.

New processes and operations models are developed for municipal procurement. The objective is to promote successful collaboration and partnership between municipalities and companies. The project produces high-quality scientific knowledge related to contracting processes, contracting capabilities and innovation of new operations models.

Procurement contracting is understood as an interactive process: from procurement planning via competitive tendering to contract execution and contract follow-up. Pro2Act project develops and studies collaboration during procurement planning. Systematic contract management is another focus area of Pro2Act, especially the role of contract follow-up as a means of reaching joint goals in addition to contract monitoring. In order to reach the above-mentioned goals, a change of mindset and introduction of new collaborative operations models in day-to-day work are needed.

Aalto University, SimLab

Proactive Law and Proactive Contracting Approaches

In Proactive Law, the emphasis is on achieving the desired goal in particular circumstances where legal expertise works in collaboration with other types of expertise involved. In Proactive Contracting, contracting is considered a cross-professional process to enable success. It seeks to enable the parties to reach their goals by developing proper understandings, structures, rules, procedures, and tools. Proactive Contracting also aims at identifying possible sources of disagreements and problems by bringing them out into the open before they cause damage. It looks at contracting from perspective of contracts, contracting processes and whole contracting system of an organization as well as the implementation of the agreements by different employees.

Researchers of the project:

  • LL.D. Soile Pohjonen, Principal Researcher
  • MA (Graphic design) Stefania Passera, Researcher
  • B.Sc. (Tech.) Suvi Anttila, Research assistant


  • City of Espoo
  • City of Jyväskylä
  • Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

Dissemination partners:

  • The project has a wide network of dissemination partners including associations, companies, experts, ministries and other municipalities.

Besides academic discussion we organize quarterly open PRO2ACT network meetings. Participants may share experiences and develop new ideas within the field of public procurement contracting. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact and join the network!

Additional information and contact:

  • Soile Pohjonen, Principal Researcher
  • tel. +358 50 384 1594
  • e-mail: soile.pohjonen(at)
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